Basic Cake Flavors 




-Red Velvet 





Specialty Cakes  

-Chocolate Salted Caramel

-Strawberry Lemonade

-Raspberry Lemonade

-Lemon Berry

-Lemon Coconut


-Banana Nutella

-Orange Creamsicle

-Mint Chocolate Chip

-Chocolate Peanut Butter

-Chocolate Hazelnut


-Vanilla Almond


Cake Pricing


6 InchCakes $25.00


8 Inch Cakes $30.00


9 Inch Cakes $35.00


10 Inch Cakes $45.00


12 Inch Cakes $50.00


Quarter Sheet Cake $45.00


Half Sheet Cakes $60.00


Full Sheet Cake $90.00


*Prices are Subject to change*

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